Past projects

Over the past decade, Cribb has been developing the collaborative student journalism model with major media outlets. Among the projects that have emerged are stories and series that have impacted public policy, won national awards and received international attention. Here’s a sampling:

1 Jury Duty

How a broken jury list makes Ontario justice whiter, richer and less like your community.

2 Oneida residents say the tap water is making them sick

But across the road, their neighbours have safe, clean water.

3 ‘We’re in a David-and-Goliath situation.’

A small Ontario town takes on Nestle to save its water.

4 The high cost of OB/GYN mistakes in Ontario

Why are one-third of all damages paid to patients attributable to obstetrical care?

5 Medical-record software companies are selling your health data

Up to five million Ontarians are part of a health data boom, whether they know it or not.

Other projects

Environmental sustainability

Indigenous health

Justice system


Medical care

Consumer protection

Health systems

Detention centres and prisons

Housing and homelessness