Photi via Urbi Khan

Collaborator Profile: Urbi Khan

Urbi Khan is a reporter at the Toronto Star and a 2020 graduate of the Ryerson School of Journalism. She was one of more than 70 researchers who worked on Generation Distress and played a key role with the team of journalism students from Ryerson University.

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Collaborator Profile: Ebyan Abdigir

Ebyan Abdigir is a multimedia journalist and producer in Toronto. She has worked in all mediums of journalism: community radio, print, digital, broadcast radio, TV and podcasts. Her work has appeared in the CBC, Toronto Star, and more.

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Jodi Upton of the Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communication

Collaborator Profile: Jodi Upton

Jodi Upton is an award-winning journalist who teaches data and digital journalism at the Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications. She lead a team of 15 student reporters for Generation Distress.

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Photo by Phil Crozier

Collaborator Profile: Dr. Aaron Goodarzi

Dr. Aaron Goodarzi is an internationally renowned expert on Radon exposure. He is an associate professor at the University of Calgary, the Canada Research Chair for Radiation Exposure Disease and the scientific director at Evict Radon, among other things.

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