IJB Audio Brief: Hate Crimes

Canada’s hate problem is reaching new heights, but its justice system has failed to dissuade prolific purveyors of hate and discrimination who repeatedly target vulnerable groups, an Investigative Journalism Bureau/Toronto Star investigation has found.

A national analysis of hate-related civil, criminal and human rights tribunal cases reveals Canadians who have faced up to four separate hearings for alleged acts of hatred or discrimination. 

Each has been found by a court or tribunal to have engaged in hateful or discriminatory behaviour, received penalties or orders to stop, and then proceeded to carry out similar acts in open defiance.

Ena Chadha, a leading human rights lawyer and former chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, says our laws are “too obsolete and weak” to address hate.

IJB reporter Charlie Buckley explains in our latest Audio Brief:

Listen to reporter Charlie Buckley discuss the recent investigation into hate crimes in Canada.

You can read the full investigation on the Toronto Star’s website.